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Learn about the people who make 暗网成人影片 what it is.

"You'll create safe spaces for them to really be who they are and achieve the best they can be."

Working in the ever-evolving field of education, with such a diverse mix of students, it is not just another platitude to say that no two days are the same at 暗网成人影片.聽

Here, you are given the opportunity to inspire, protect and guide not just the next generation of learners, but your peers, too. 暗网成人影片 is proud and committed to empowering change within communities and the role of Learning Support Assistant (detailed here in this short YouTube video) is indicative of that.

Read on below for stories from our colleagues about how 暗网成人影片 has helped them achieve their goals.聽

暗网成人影片 Employees

Our staff, in their own words

Charlotte Morgan Student Engagement Team Leader

A shared goal

My favourite part about working for 暗网成人影片 is the people. We are a large organisation, spanning across three counties, which encourages lots of collaborative working and sharing of ideas from a diverse range of students and staff. I find it really inspiring that we鈥檝e all come together with the same aims and goals to help our students get the best out of their education. We are continually learning and growing together.

My career is engaging, rewarding, and ever-evolving

As my role is largely extra-curricular based, it changes with contemporary topics and it鈥檚 really helpful to have a lot of different opinions so what we are doing for students is always topical, relevant and engaging.

Part of what I like so much about working here is that I have the freedom to organise and implement ideas and initiatives that have great benefit to impact our students. Whether that鈥檚 being engaged in our Learner Voice programme, being a member of our Student Union, or helping with events such as Mental Health Awareness Week; I know that these kinds of opportunities have been proven to really aid students鈥 learning and development. Outside of their studies, the kind of activities my team puts on help students develop their soft skills and make friends too, so that鈥檚 really rewarding.

We invest in, and value, everyone

Our Learning Philosophy runs through the heart of the organisation, and through everything that we do together and with our students. Working in a place that truly values the emotional needs of everyone, and understands the impact that feeling unchallenged or demotivated can have is refreshing. We continually strive to support every member of our community across 暗网成人影片, be they staff members, students, or other stakeholders.

Diko Wilkcott Diversity and Inclusion Manager

Impactful work

There are lots of interesting roles available at 暗网成人影片 and the work that you get to do makes an impact on the lives of hundreds of learning, which is amazing to think about. I hadn鈥檛 worked in FE before, but I am glad that I took a chance and gave it a go.

Supportive and inclusive environment

This is the best working environment I鈥檝e ever experienced and find coming to work a pleasure. I have an incredibly supportive and inclusive team that makes work enjoyable. I also like the values and culture of the organisation.

Promising futures

I am excited to be belong to an organisation that is friendly, welcoming, and inclusive, this makes envisioning a future career here a lot easier. I am not sure what the future holds but I am fulfilled within my current role and look forward to whatever future opportunities I may choose to explore within Activate.

James Kieft Teaching and Learning Development Manager

Working together

I am very fortunate to get to work with lots of staff from across the different sites, departments, faculties and beyond in the wider sector. Through these relationships, I have been able to develop my own practice as well as support colleagues on their development journey which has been hugely rewarding.

A rewarding job

I have found it such a rewarding job, initially it was getting to see my students grow in confidence and develop the skills they need for their next step and more recently with staff who are new to teaching.

It also provides a wealth of opportunities, if you're looking for a new challenge there's always something just around the corner. During my time here I have been fortunate to move between jobs in business support, teaching and management.

I have found the further education community to be very supportive, through participating in #UKFEchat and attending events I have been able to expand my personal learning network.

Julie Kennedy Curriculum Director

Our collaborative culture

What I love about working at 暗网成人影片 is the people. I love the people that I work with, the students that we have here, and I love that everyone here really wants to support those students and make real differences in their lives. That鈥檚 what鈥檚 so lovely about working here. The environment is one of 鈥榩utting the student first鈥. The staff here will really go above and beyond to help out our students.

What I enjoy about my role in particular is that no two days are the same. I get to work with lovely students and help them grow and progress and that鈥檚 really rewarding.

Other members of my team鈥攁nd this organization as a whole鈥攊nspire me by consistently putting students at the centre of what they do. This really helps me to put things into perspective and see just how important a role we play in these young people鈥檚 lives. That motivates me every day to do a better job. I feel compelled to constantly try and change courses for the better and help the students in any way I can.

The chance to develop

Over the years, as a member of staff here, I have been supported to grow and develop. I鈥檝e had the flexibility to find courses and development opportunities that were specific and enabled me to pursue relevant training. I have been challenged and supported by my line managers to learn from my mistakes, and continuous seek to improve in all areas of my work.

My career with Activate

I started here at Activate as a sessional lecturer, that then became a permanent position. As the college restructured, there was an opportunity to become a programme manager. After working with the team for a few years, a secondment opportunity came up to become the head of the department. After that, as we moved into the faculty structure, I became a director. This opportunity has enabled me to work across all the sites and work with all of our amazing staff.

Katy Wheeler Team Leader - Learning for Leisure and Community Learning

Our work is inspiring

There are many things I enjoy about working at 暗网成人影片. Firstly, the supportiveness of my team and management. In both my roles within 暗网成人影片 I have been very fortunate to have been surrounded by such inspiring, dedicated and supportive colleagues. Another highlight within my role for me, is seeing the benefits our Community Learning provisions have on members of our community across the counties. I love the process of seeing a course from its initial planning stages right through to delivery, and the feedback we receive from students is always so uplifting, plus I really enjoy seeing the end result of students鈥 work!

Excited for the future

I am excited to continue growing our Creative adult provisions across Berkshire and Surrey, working with valuable stakeholders and organisations to deliver exceptional workshops, and to continue my own personal development. I鈥檓 excited to see my next steps, and how the experiences I have had so far will prepare me for my future!

Melissa Armitage-Ward Group Administration Delivery Manager

Being part of a supportive team

I work with an amazing team who support me to achieve our goals.聽 I also love that no 2 days are the same and that there is always something new to learn.

Personal and professional development

The availability of the Learning and Development programme ensures I can keep my skills and knowledge up-to-date and develop personally and professionally.

Being part of the student experience

Being part of the development of education into the future and giving our students the experience they need to be the workforce of the future 鈥 whatever that may be!

Naomi Martin Associate HR Business Partner

A welcoming community

It鈥檚 the people that make 暗网成人影片 such an enjoyable place to work. Everyone is so welcoming, friendly and supportive. I get to work with colleagues across our faculties and group services and what I love is that no matter which role they are in or what skillsets we have, it鈥檚 clear we are all united by our passion for our learners to have the best experience and achieve their full potential.


Opportunities to develop

Over the four years I have worked here, I鈥檝e had the opportunity to change careers, gain experience and develop within the Human Resources team. I鈥檝e completed a Mental Health First Aiders course, as well as the CIPD Level 3 in Human Resource Practice through 暗网成人影片.

I鈥檝e also taken advantage of the huge range of courses on offer with our Learning and Development team.


Constant company growth

We are one of the fastest growing education groups in the UK, and we are always adapting to better support our local communities or lead on new initiatives. This growth and development offers all of us an opportunity to get involved in new and exciting projects and learn different skills.

Paul Clarke Health and Social Care Teacher

Supportive team

The team around me is amazing, they all want to help and can鈥檛 do enough for me. I have felt very welcome from day one and still to this day the team and others in the college make sure you have what you need.

I was excited that I could work with the next generation of people wa

Working with the next generation

I was excited that I could work with the next generation of people wanting to come into the industry and have the positive outlook that I have about the roles I have had in the past.

With the student I am excited to see them develop in their understanding of health and social care and to see the impact of work placement for them as well to see what experiences they can learn from this moving forward.

Preeti Vohra Digital Industries Trainer - Data Analyst

Featured in Association of Colleges "My Favourite Lecturer" and Winner of Tech Women 100, 2021.

Leading the way

At South Central Institute of Technology, through training and coaching, our focus is to equip students with the skills for future industry requirements and emerging technologies.

I am passionate about our Learning Philosophy, which wonderfully captures our thinking processes. We embed this in our day-to-day teaching. It also highlights how important it is to have an emotional intelligence in our day-to-day life and how important it is to focus on the fundamental purpose of education.

Collaboration and trust

At 暗网成人影片, we have a very collaborative culture. We share lot of good practices and we are constantly self-evaluating, which encourages everyone to be positive and creative.

The most enjoyable thing as a lecturer is the flexibility we have to develop and refine the curriculum and get in it in line with industry's and students鈥 future needs. Personally, for me, having the trust and support of our students is absolutely crucial and building that relationship over time is really enjoyable.

Passionate about teaching

I鈥檝e always been quite passionate about teaching, so I鈥檝e been teaching here for quite a number of years and I think it鈥檚 the reason for choosing this profession is that it is very creative; you develop in your skills every day, you鈥檙e always kept on your toes with the latest technology and helping the future generation is something which is very enjoyable.

Sagheer Khaliq Student Liaison and Attendance Advisor

A shared vision

Activate learning is a group of colleges that have come together as a family. We鈥檙e shaping the future of education here. We have small and large colleges that all come under the shared vision of 暗网成人影片. This helps the colleges to progress; we can secure more resources by joining together and we can also share good practice effectively across such a huge area.

I鈥檓 a real people person and I love helping our students, that鈥檚 what I enjoy most about this role. Whether it鈥檚 helping them with their lives inside the college or outside, it鈥檚 really satisfying to see them with a smile on their face. I鈥檓 really content in this role when I see learners progress and lead happy lives.

A supportive and collaborative team

We have a great team here, full of good people; lovely people that actually want to help and make sure that students achieve success in their studies and complete. That鈥檚 a great inspiration to see people really going out of their way and giving that extra little bit of effort to really support people who might be having issues at home or in the classroom.

Sandie Culshaw Cafe Manager

I鈥檓 a qualified chef and I鈥檝e been cooking for over 20 years, but I wanted to move into a management role. This catering manager role came up and I was really drawn to the job and the business, so I applied!


The thing I enjoy most about the role is the organization; everybody is on the same page and things run smoothly. I think I鈥檝e made a great career move as this is such a hard-working team, with so many different personalities, but we are all so supportive of one another. Not everyone is the same and that鈥檚 great when it comes to contributing to the business; everyone has a different opinion, a different strength and we鈥檙e able to balance out each other鈥檚 weaknesses in that way.

Because of that, we all have a shared respect for one another, so that really helps with teamwork; everybody is confident to have their say, yet also receive constructive criticism. It鈥檚 great when we have students working with us and we can show them that this is how you need to work in a professional environment: treating everyone with respect.

Supporting learners

I am now working together with our Life Skills faculty to support our LLDD (Learners with Learning Difficulties or Disabilities) cohort. We have a student that comes to our Recharge caf茅 daily to get experience of working in a busy caf茅 environment. We support the students, giving them training in different aspects of the business and an understanding of how a business works and working as part of a team.

Looking forward

I鈥檓 also very excited to be part of the bakery that will be starting on the 25th of April 2022. This is part of the PIP caf茅 that will be a new part of the Life Skills business. It will teach the LLDD students how to bake and sell the products to paying customers.

I feel a real sense of achievement and happiness when I see that the support that I am giving is going to make a difference in someone鈥檚 life.